WIX Review

Wix is one of the most reputable website builder. This service has been setting development trends for the entire niche for 12 years. But is Wix as good as it seems, and does this platform have flaws? 

Over the past few years, Wix has strengthened its position, these were years of expansion and growth for the company. During this time, powerful business management applications have been developed, e-commerce has been improved, and over 97 million subscribers have gained.

Ease of use

Wix is an online website builder that runs the SaaS model (System As A Service). This means that the user can create and manage their sites on any working device by logging in to their Wix account. Unlike many popular website designers, in which it is possible to move elements only to certain areas and blocks, Wix allows placing them literally anywhere on the page. The Wix control panel is logically divided into two areas: the main menu, where you can manage settings, including contacts, mailings, SEO, etc., and the editor itself, where you can actually create your site in WYSIWYG mode. 

The target audience

This site builder is ideal for creating sites that are complex with respect to design. It is especially popular with bloggers and online store holders, as has optimal functionality. 

The scope of Wix can be characterized by several factors: 

  • Small sites that do not have so many pages to design the design of each of them personally. 
  • Deep and detailed setting of each element of the page design, as well as the addition of small additional elements. 
  • In the Wix app store, you can find a wide range of additional features and applications for design and operation. Each of them helps to achieve maximum efficiency in the process of creating the site. 

Wix can be used by both professional and absolute beginners in this matter. It is an ideal tool for commercial use, for example, for the development of creative client sites. The system of this application is a good helper for experienced designers and for average PC users. 

Who will be interested in Wix 

  • For owners of small and medium-sized businesses, such as online stores or auctions; 
  • Various representatives of creative professions, such as musicians, stylists, actors, etc .; 
  • Of great interest is this program for bloggers and journalists; 
  • And also for other layers, whose activity is somehow connected with self-realization. 

It is possible to master Wix in two days, and if fluently, in general in 20 minutes. This service creates all the conditions for work so that developers can implement the most daring from a technical point of view ideas. 

Tariff prices

Tariff Price Specifications 
Connect Domain $ 5  ✓ Storage capacity 500 MB; ✓ 1 GB bandwidth; ✓ Connecting your own domain. 
Combo $ 13 ✓ Storage capacity 3 GB; ✓ Bandwidth 2 GB; ✓ Remove advertising banner. 
Unlimited $ 17  ✓ Storage capacity 10 GB; ✓ Unlimited bandwidth; ✓ Custom icon. 
eCommerce $ 23  ✓ Storage capacity 20 GB; ✓ 20 GB bandwidth; ✓ Online store. 

There is a free fare without expiration and four bonus rates with monthly or annual payments. Please note that the Connect Domain plan does not allow to remove ads. To remove display ads, you must purchase a Combo pack or higher. When using a third-party payment application from the App Market, its fee is charged on top of the standard fee.  

 If you are not satisfied with the services of Wix, you can receive a refund within 14 days from the date of payment. But it should be noted that in this case your site will be transferred to a free plan, and all the content that you publish will remain untouched.  

Pros and cons of Wix

+  This platform is completely free to use by any user at a convenient time and on any device; 

+  By its ease of use and its functionality, the program is somewhat similar to the Microsoft Word; 

+ For the convenience of users, the library has high-quality templates that have been developed by high-class designers. Therefore, users can use a ready-made solution and not worry about the quality of the structure of their site; 

+  The design is fully adapted for use on conventional and mobile devices. Those. The new site created by the user automatically adapts to the device used. When opened on a laptop, for example, it changes its interface, and then when opened on a smartphone, it changes again; 

+ At the same time you can buy a domain and hosting while creating a new site; 

+ Wix platform is ideal for SEO website optimization. In addition, this instrument is convenient to use in the case of organic traffic, for example using such search systems as Google, Bing, etc. 

– The depth of navigation is only two levels, so the development of large websites over 25 pages becomes difficult;      – The lack of access to all features and capabilities in the free version. To disable advertising or open all design elements you need to take the paid version.

For what purpose is Wix suitable?

There are both free and paid applications developed by Wix or third-party vendors. Thanks to App Market, the platform is perfect for creating various types of sites, from simple portfolios to sites with great functionality.  


With Wix, you can easily add a blog. Its functionality allows you to schedule blog posts, add the “Favorite posts” section, add a tag cloud, show comments from Facebook, and even create a custom channel. When creating new materials, you can select a category, manually set the address, fields with meta tags, as well as insert photos and videos into the text. You can even choose how to display posts in the ribbon: cards, tiles, column. 


It should be noted that Wix has its own e-commerce platform, offering a decent set of customizable parameters (multiple payment options, coupons, tax management, etc.). E-commerce is designed for small stores, if you need to create a large online store, Wix e-commerce tools will not be able to help fully manage it, because they are not sufficiently advanced for this. But, frankly, the proposed e-commerce tools in Wix are much better than most standard website builders.

How to work in the visual editor Wix

The visual WYSIWYG editor (“What You See Is What You Get”) supports the drag-n-drop function. This means that it is possible to drag widgets by pulling the drag tab at their upper border. Also, by narrowing or expanding the dotted lines on the borders of objects, you can change their size with the mouse. When any element or block is selected, icons will appear on the page, leading to settings and quick actions on the object. Usually we are talking about setting up the design, connecting the database, choosing the layout, the displayed items and their parameters. For example, for a gallery, you can select and sort photos, for a video, you can add a link to the video or select a downloaded one from the library, assign play rules. Everything in context, always logical and appropriate. 

Separately, it should be noted functionality for working with photos and design of the appearance of the site. The Wix Pro Gallery application, for example, allows you to adjust the quality and sharpness of photos when displayed on the website, protect them from downloading, or add the Share buttons. You can also flexibly customize the layout of the output image – the structure, the size of thumbnails, indents, saturation of the collage and orientation in space. 

By the way, photos can be uploaded to the site from Instagram, and in the social network itself leave links to your site. This is a good help for advanced account holders and photographers. By default, you can use Google Fonts fonts, but if this does not seem enough, you can use your own. This is done in the section “My Downloads” – “Download Fonts”. 

But the editor does not contain all the available program functions. The main command post is the Wix control panel. Here you can get access to all possibilities of creating a site and fully control the process. 


The overall features of Wix consist of: editor, general settings, a control panel, installed third-party applications, and options that you can implement on your site yourself using the Wix Corvid tool. Any section of the editor contains tips on working with him. Absolutely all options and widgets are provided with explanations, just in some you need to click on the “?” Sign to call up a pop-up window with instructions. You can also immediately go to the Support Center – the Wix knowledge base with the ability to search for answers on request. Running through the categories of knowledge base with your eyes, you can get an idea of the Wix capabilities – the names of the FAQ sections clearly list his functionality. 

Wix Site Design Editor Structure

The basis of the functionality is determined by the sidebar with several sections of options and functions. 

  • Menu and page. 

List of all static pages on the site and related menu items. When adding a page, a menu item will be automatically added, which you can drag and drop to where you want. You can create new pages, links in the menu (anchor, web address, mail, phone number, document or promo box) and set the script to open them (in the current or new window). You can also add dynamic pages to the site that will pull up the content as it is updated from the cloud or the database you created in Wix Corvid. For each page, you can assign visibility and customize SEO, duplicate, make the main one, set the general layout view, access rules or convert to a dynamic page. 

  • Background. 

Here you can choose the background for the site as a picture (downloaded or stocked from Wix), color or even video. Videophone can be downloaded absolutely any, and this can turn your site into a very vivid and memorable sight and add to its uniqueness and creativity. You can activate the parallax effect to give the site visual depth when scrolling due to the difference in the speed of movement of objects located at different distances. 

  • To add. 

This is an extensive selection of item types that can be added to the page. It includes: 

  • Text – selection of ready-made text / heading styles, work with a text editor; 
  • Database – add content to cloud databases, connect data sources for normal and dynamic pages; 
  • Photo – uploading your own, using collections of images from Wix (stock photos, clipart) or exporting them from social networks; 
  • Lists and tables – adding designer-designed lists and tables to the site, about 30 template options; 
  • Gallery – add images of various styles, panoramas, sliders and 3D photo collections; 
  • Interactive – a large set of templates of boxes with which visitor interaction is possible: slideshows, event cards, dynamic boxes (change the appearance when the cursor is hovering), contact cards; 
  • Button – a decent set of buttons and icons of various shapes and styles; 
  • Boxing – a set of containers in which you can place other content. Not bad for creating banners and in general for all the things you want to attract the attention of the visitor; 
  • The bar is a very useful and simple in its essence possibility: inserting horizontal wide-format strips (div-blocks, in essence) into the page space for separating existing or adding new content blocks. Background for these strips can serve as graphics, video or color. Nuance: it is with the help of blocks-strips that it is necessary to expand the workspace of standard Wix templates. That is, to accommodate, say, a new separate block with text, video and a button, you need to add a strip section and place the necessary elements on it by dragging. So “Strip” is the basic building block of the Wix editor; 
  •   Form – add a variety of geometric shapes to the page, which will help decorate the contents of the blocks or create a button or logo based on them, for example. In the assortment there are simple figures like lines, squares or circles, as well as schematic images of patterns, animals, various objects; 
  • Video – upload videos to your page from PC, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Facebook. The display format can be customized. It is possible to sell videos through the site; 
  • Music – add a player, decorate its appearance, select the source for playing songs. You can share music, allow it to download for free or sell. Sync with iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and Bandsintown attached; 
  • Social networks – integration with popular social services: adding social bars (by default the panel contains Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, you can add any others manually), separate buttons “Share” and “Like”. You can also add, for example, a Facebook pop-up window for collecting likes;  
  • Contacts – creating a feedback form, subscription, lay out a map. There are many options for block templates for each task format. Also, after placing you can edit the location, the number of fields, size, colors, fonts manually; 
  • Menu – the ability to arrange and add to the page a regular or anchor menu. The latter is useful for sites with long pages (landing pages, for example), it will allow you to leave links to a specific block, while the menu floats while scrolling;  
  • Promobox – add and configure pop-up windows of welcome content to collect subscriptions, inform about promotions and receive messages from visitors through feedback forms. Each category contains several beautiful custom templates; 
  •   Blog – add a blog to the site. You can select and customize one of the ready-made layouts; 
  • Shop – here you can arrange a showcase of goods. You can customize collections, view an order, enter discount coupons, connect online payment, set parameters for delivery and tax percentage when sending goods abroad. There are also general settings: store name, currency, language, contact details. 
  • App Market. 

Company store applications that can be added to the site. The use of this section extends the stock functionality of the platform several times. It contains a huge number (currently 252) of applications of various kinds: forms, work with social networks, galleries, applications for the store and marketing. You can add an interactive calendar, for example, email marketing tools, surveys, Dropbox, eCommerce gadgets, SEO tools and other usefulness. All applications are sorted by category. Most of them are developed by the Wix team, the rest, as a rule, are integration of the capabilities of third-party services. Approximately half of the applications are completely free, and the rest have both a free use option and a paid one with additional features. 

  • My downloads. 

Upload your photos, documents and audio files to the hosting. This will be your library, the files of which you can place on the site. 

  • Blog. 

This section appears after the blog activation on the site. From here you can add new and edit existing posts. When creating a material, you can select a rubric, type of CNC link, fill in meta tags and add photos / videos. By the way, the formatting options appear after the selection of the text, by default they are hidden. Also there are links to relevant applications for quick installation (Wix Events, Forum, Instagram Feed, etc.). 

  • Online entry. 

  A separate section with the functionality of the application Wix Bookings – a powerful tool for collecting requests for booking something (record doctor, rent houses, hotel rooms). You can customize the reception of group classes (yoga, dance) or personal (hairdresser, psychotherapist, for example) requests on the calendar, connect the reception of online payments, set up employment schedules for employees and collect customer base. Widget for access of visitors to the record for the service can be placed in any part of the site. A detailed setting of the block layout, its design and selection of the displayed data (price, description, duration, days, name of the service) is available. 

There is also an additional menu of features: 

  • Site – a menu of quick access to a large number of important functions and sections: saving a site, repost links to a site in a social network or email accounts to attract reviews, publishing and search engine optimization of a site, connecting a domain, activating a version of a site for the visually impaired (a mandatory thing for websites of government organizations ), enhancing the sharpness of published photos, access to general settings and control panel, as well as viewing the history of the site (list of backup copies for recovery). 
  • Tools – activate the toolbar to adjust the size and fit of the site elements, their automatic alignment, add a ruler, the boundaries of the site and the inclusion of developer functions (property bar, show hidden elements, activate Wix Corvid and the ability to create new functions using JavaScript). 
  • Help – a list of hot keys of the editor (copy-paste, duplication, pixel shift, return, delete, rotate, select elements, preview, etc.), FAQ on working with the editor and SEO-site optimization, terms of use and privacy policy Wix. 
  • Connect premium – the choice and purchase of a suitable tariff plan Wix.

Conclusions and recommendations

From a technical and design point of view, Wix is the best and most promising website builder with a visual editor. Its developers have set themselves and solved several complex tasks: 

  • Made an interface in which it is convenient to work, despite hundreds of functions. 
  • Gone beyond the limitations of the WYSIWYG editor by implementing Wix Corvid. 
  • Created an effective ecosystem for doing business on the Web, combining specialized tools under the Wix Ascend label. 
  • Introduced artificial intelligence Wix ADI, which after a while will build  sites that almost do not require edits. 
  • Made the application store an integral part of the interface and functionality that you want to use. 

Wix is a multipurpose machine for creating various sites. Thanks to high-quality applications and a flexible editor, the functional framework is very wide, and given the potential of Wix Corvid, they practically disappear. Using HTML and JavaScript is possible, but completely optional. So we can say for sure that Wix is a moderately simple, bright constructor, with a bunch of useful, and in some places even surprising opportunities. In direct comparison, this program has no analogues in terms of functionality.