A Comprehensive Tier List for Azur Lane Mobile Game

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Azur Lane is a mobile game developed by Shanghai Manjuu, based off of the popular browser game Kantai Collection. The idea is to form an Admiralty team and battle enemy fleets with your fleet in order to capture them for use in your own fleet or sell them at port. This article will serve as a comprehensive tier list for Azur Lane’s playable Imps, Ships, Planes and Submarines.

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Tier One: USS Philadelphia, HMS Prince of Wales (BB), Alaska-class (BM)

A tier one Imps consist of ships that are not viable for the majority of content and have limited use cases or niches where they may shine. They will usually lack a specific quality necessary for success on high-level missions – such as HP pool, firepower, anti-aircraft capabilities, torpedoes etc., with few exceptions. Due to their severe flaws these ships rely heavily on player skill and luck when it comes to playing against tougher enemies so even experienced players can still find themselves at a disadvantage if taken out by an enemy using this ship type.”

“USS Philadelphia – The weakest of all tier one ships. This ship is only ever a last resort and should never be used if there are other options available.”

“HMS Prince of Wales (BB) – Tier One British battleship with limited potential due to not being able to equip radar, the worst AA in the game and short range on its main battery guns that can’t hit anything past 15km.”

“Alaska-class (BM) – Tier One American Battleships which have high armor but low HP pool. It has a very long rudder shift time making it difficult for them to dodge incoming fire at close ranges so their effectiveness limits itself mostly against cruisers and destroyers.”

Tier Three: HMS Nelson,

HMS Hood, USS Iowa (BB-62)

Tier Four: IJN Kongo, HMS Dunkerque

“Iwami – This Japanese destroyer has solid armor and good AA but also doesn’t have much of a surface detection range making it very vulnerable when fighting against ships with radar.”

USS Brooklyn – Tier One American cruiser. Has lower HP than most other tier one cruisers in the game and is limited by not being able to equip radar or hydrophones for its long range torpedoes meaning that it will be at a disadvantage if facing any cruiser type vessel without either equipment.”

HMS Duke of York (CAM) – A British battleship which suffers from having low accuracy even on close ranges because

The following is a Tier list for the Japanese Azur Lane mobile game. Some ships are ranked in tiers, others do not have any rank at all because they haven’t yet been released (or were never designed) or to minimize tier inflation/deflation. A more extensive explanation of each ship’s attributes can be read on their own page: “Ship Details”.

If you want to see how these ships compare against one another head over to the Ship Rankings Page. The table lists their ranking within an individual tier and then also by rating across all tiers; i.e., S+ would mean that particular ship is a high-end unit with excellent stats from top-to-bottom despite lacking specialized skills or features, while D

+ would mean the ship has average stats and is just good enough to put into your fleet.

This tier list only covers ships in their Japanese versions, which are designed for a more casual player base who can’t access the English version of the game (though some characters may be found on other servers).

Please note that this list does not include any remodelings or variants. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t belong to certain tiers but it’s always difficult when one variant is better than another because there are so many possible combinations with different equipment sets; hopefully we’ll get clarification from Kadokawa Games soon.

All ratings were updated after July 2019 content update patch notes!

The following table might also help you if you’re new to Azur Lane or still learning about the game and want a quick overview.

The following ships are not included in this tier list:

Komandora Kai Ni (currently ranked as S Tier)

British Royal Navy Battleship Nelson, Kronshtadt, Richelieu (S+ Rank)

Chinese Huanghe A type cruiser, Feng Jia Shi class destroyer, Type 052D destroyer Shangri La (A rank) – these three warships were added after July 2019 content update patch notes!

Lastly but most importantly be sure to upgrade your weaponry before you see too many maps with enemy submarines on them. It’s better for your own sanity than trying to dodge torpedoes while

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