The Complete Ultimate Tier List of Disney Heroes Battle Mode


Disney Heroes Battle Mode has a lot of heroes to choose from, and it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best. This tier list is here to help! It includes all the heroes in the game sorted by their utility, so that you can build your lineup based on what’s most important for victory. Let’s take a look at who makes up Tier S:

Tier List:

S- Wolverine (X-23) Spidey (Iron Man) Thor (Jane Foster) Captain America (Sam Wilson) Antman

Tier A:

Sakura (Spider-Gwen) Hulkbuster Iron Man Cyclops

Tier B:

Iron Patriot Thor Captain America Spiderman Black Widow Doctor Strange Gamora Nebula Hawkeye Wolverine Drax Rocket Raccoon Antwoman Quicksilver Scarlet Witch Nico Minoru Ghost Rider Wasp Heimdall Teen Groot Star Lord Loki Venom She-Hulk Psylocke Mantis Dormammu Deathlok Hela Yondu Beast War Machine Thanos Kid Goblin Deadpool Nova Corvus Glaive Ronan Ultron Valkyrie Tony Stark Daredevil Unstoppable Colossus Punisher Squirrel Girl Luke Cage Black Panther Kamala Khan Herald of Galactus Cable Mordo Krang Tigra Karnak Satana Algrim

Tier C:

Valkyrie Thor (Jane Foster) Spiderman Iron Man Hulkbuster Cyclops Quicksilver Gamora Hawkeye Black Widow Loki Scarlet Witch Doctor Strange Venom Dormammu Heimdall Wasp Mantis Beast War Machine Ronan Yondu Tigra Thanos Tony Stark Punisher Wolverine Algrim Kamala Khan Krang Corvus Glaive Kid Goblin Ghost Rider Groot Unstoppable Colossus Logan Amadeus Cho Valkyrie Luke Cage Kamala Khan Daredevil Psylocke Drax Winter Soldier Jean Grey Rogue Bullseye Nebula Rocket Raccoon Star Lord Jean Gray Deathlok Hela Magik She-Hulk Angela Prince Namor Cable Karnak Satana Kraven the Hunter Adam Warlock Storm

This is the ultimate tier list of Disney Heroes Battle Mode!

Sora and Goofy are a really strong duo that can take down almost anything in battle. They have combined long range, short ranged attacks with abilities like Sora’s quick spin attack or Goofy’s shield block for defense. For their high damage output they also hit fast making them hard to escape from.

In second place come Captain America and Iron Man. While these two are very strong, they don’t have the speed or agility of Sora and Goofy when it comes to long-range attacks.

Logan is in third place due to his low range but high damage output moveset. He also has a stun move which gives him an advantage over other slower fighters like Spiderman who spam their webbing attack for too long making them vulnerable to getting hit multiple times by Logan’s quick combos.

This tier list will be updated every time new Disney Heroes Battle Mode characters are released so stay tuned! Which team do you prefer? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! #DisneyHeroesBattleMode @PlaydomGames

s Donald Duck and Daisy Duck as much more defensive characters but still very capable attackers who move slower than other units but don’t miss often due to their accuracy rating – this makes them great at fighting enemies one on one. Their ability to team up together means that you’ll never find yourself without an ally when these two are on the battlefield.

This is the first post of a series on Disney Heroes Battle Mode, with each tier list representing a different hero/villain. Let’s kick things off by talking about one of the most powerful heroes in all of Battle Mode – Elsa!

Elsa has two abilities: Freezing and Ice Strike. The former allows her to freeze any opposing enemies for three seconds while also giving them an ice malus that decreases their movement speed by 60%. This ability can be used twice before it cools down. With this skill, she is able to stop opponents from moving entirely or at least slow them significantly which gives her some breathing room when being attacked relentlessly by waves upon waves of minions. She then follows up with an Ice Strike, knocking back

s The Incredibles are among the most powerful characters in Disney Heroes Battle Mode, boasting superhuman abilities such as incredible strength and durability. Their super suits also come equipped with built-in weapons like rocket launchers that can be used to take out enemies from afar or a shield to protect them during close combat battles.

s Ariel is best suited for players who want an agile character that’s easily able to move around the battlefield at high speeds while dealing rapid damage on unsuspecting opponents with quick combos. She has low health but if you use her correctly she’ll quickly become one of your favorite heroes!

a Donald Duck and Daisy Duck: They’re defensive fighters characterized by their ability to team up together making it difficult for foes to ever fight

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