Write for us: Technology related difficulties

by Radhe Gupta

“Technology has always been difficult for many people, primarily the elderly and the mentally impaired. The problem gets compounded when we talk about children who, at a very young age, struggle with basic concepts that have become second nature to adults.” 

This blog post discusses some possibilities of how technology difficulties can be eased for these populations. 

– Provide options for students in school settings via tablets/laptops/smartphones by having them take notes on paper and use their device to stay up-to-date on assignments or engage with the teacher (e.g. “here is my assignment, now let’s continue the discussion”). 

– Provide options for those in social settings via SMS/email/instant messaging by using an app like mobile messaging to communicate with the person they are with (e.g. providing information about a new restaurant or asking a question about something they’re interested in).

– Provide options for patients and their caregivers who may be left alone while receiving medical treatment (e.g. monitor blood pressure, temperature, etc) by using an app to interact with the devices that are normally used for this purpose (e.g. heart rate monitor) or use apps to interface with medical devices that cannot be operated by people with disabilities themselves (e.g. event recorder).

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